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So I want to talk about the show Girls. Before I watched it, I read about it. Mostly on ONTD. I heard from its naysayers, but still I thought it would be interesting to watch. So I started watching it on the HBO GO site and I finished watching over the course of week.

The show is...very problematic. I didn't really notice it as much in the first season, though there were things I thought about.

So I just finished watching episode 2 and Spoilers )

I read another hundred pages of Mine Till Midnight and I wrote about 600 words. I've met my min. goal in the spreadsheet but like I said on Twitter, I wanted to be at about 20,000 words by today, but haven't been writing 1,000 each day, so yeah.

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I think I'm going to read this one next. I'm kind of iffy on the Orient part of the name. I don't know who decided to name it that, the author or the publishers, but the book takes place in Hong Kong. They could have easily called it One Night in Hong Kong, am I right?
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1. Birthday. 2. Christmas. 3. New Year. 4. Solstice. 5. Thanksgiving.
6. Belief. 7. Bouncy. 8. Campfire. 9. City. 10. Country.
11. Cold. 12. Hot. 13. Warm. 14. Costumes. 15. Creative.
16. Determined. 17. Dog. 18. Dream. 19. Nightmare. 20. First Love.
21. Forever. 22. Flying. 23. Healing. 24. Innocence. 25. Guilt.
26. Feel. 27. Sight. 28. Sound. 29. Taste. 30. Touch.
31. Sixth Sense. 32. Hopeful. 33. Jealous. 34. Magic. 35. Massage Oil.
36. Meeting the family. 37. Animal. 38. Rain. 39. Rainbow. 40. Snow.
41. Storm. 42. Wind. 43. Enthralled. 44. Anonymous. 45. Romantic.
46. Scared. 47. Life. 48. Weeks. 49. Tattoo. 50. Vengeance.
51. Sunset 52. Dawn 53. Candlelight 54. Moonlight 55. Firelight
56. New Year 57. Kiss 58. First Sight 59. First Date 60. Picnic
61. Wedding 62. Wooing 63. Dancing 64. Honeymoon 65. Love Letter
66. Blind Date 67. Content. 68. Daydreaming 69. Snuggle 70. Lie In
71. Surprise 72. Gift 73. Forgiveness 74. Snowed In 75. Beach
76. Sick 77. Movie 78. Dinner 79. Promise 80. Forever
81. Heartache 82. Flirtation 83. Secret 84. Stolen Moments 85. Betrayal
86. Poetry. 87. Chocolate. 88. Champagne. 89. Secret Admirer. 90. Cigarettes.
91. Paris. 92. Rome. 93. Art. 94. Celebration. 95. Jewellery.
96. Second Chance. 97. Reunited . 98. Rose 99. Soul Mate. 100. Destiny.
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I know a lot of you on my flist are writers. So I thought it'd be proper to advertise this land comm here. Now I don't know how many of you like land communities, but personally I love them. Being a part of time and having fun with my mates. If you like the idea of that and you love to write, then why not join [ profile] writerverse? Oh and tell them [ profile] lady_leia_solo sent ya!


ETA: Why are you fucking with me HTML gods?
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1.Infatuation 2.Hope 3.Comfort 4.Kiss 5.Endearments
6.Vow 7.Bliss 8.Home 9.Memory 10.Grace
11.Pleasure 12.Believe 13.Dreams 14.Certainty 15.Date
16.Rose 17.Sweet 18.Rare 19.Surprise 20.Writer's choice

Joined a drabble community. I'm in the writing mood right now XD

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