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I forgot about this yesterday.

30 Day Blog Challenge

10 Songs you like right now

1. Partition by Beyonce. Driver roll up the partition plese!
2. Haunted by Beyonce.
3. Grow Up by Paramore
4. Ain't It Fun by Paramore
5. Affection by Crystal Castles
6. Black Out Days by Phantogram
7. You're Not the One by Sky Ferreia
8. Twisted by Keith Sweat
9. Nobody by Keith Sweat
10. Rock Me by One Direction

Your five senses right now.

I smell something my mom is cooking in the kitchen.

I can hear this reality special on E right now.

I can see the entry box as I write.

I can feel the plastic under my finger tips

I can still taste the tea I drank for breakfast.

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30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 3: Your favorite quote

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will, which I now exert to leave you.

The first part I have on my necklace. As soon as I saw that necklace I showed my BFF and she said that's you. It fits you. I think the quote really speaks to me. Freedom I've found tends to recur in my writings or agency if you will. I want to be free to be myself and do what I like. It's so important to me.

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Day 1

Dec. 16th, 2013 03:40 pm
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I'm in the mood for a meme. So I stole this one from Acausedusoleil

30 Day Blog Challenge

So shall we? Day 1 commence!


I'm Destiny sometimes Dee. I recently turned 23. I struggle with mental illness but I try not to let it get me down. Which is easier said than done. I'm a top class biblophile. I like music and the color purple. Cats please me.


This is my most recent photo. I recently did the big chop.

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Day 30

Feb. 12th, 2013 09:06 am
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Day 30: Best source of inspiration?

Inspiration? Hmm well that's a bit hard to answer. I get inspiration from all kinds of places, but I guess you could say for me that it is history and also personal life experiences. History constantly inspired my works like you wouldn't believe, so I think it is a major source of inspiration.

And that is it for the meme. It has been fun!

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Day 29

Feb. 11th, 2013 01:20 am
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Day 29: How often do you think about writ­ing?

It depends. A majority of the time, I'm like "Fuck yeah writing!" and when I don't do it I feel like there's something missing. But at other moments like last year during the fashion period and maybe this month with the Sim obsession, I kind of push it to the back of mind. But I don't think this period really counts because I'm still thinking about writing although in a different format and not of my own creation.

I just finished playing for today/tonight. I have some makeover pictures of the eldest two Crumplebottom sisters (Moonlight Falls) and a few pictures of the Curious family from Twinbrook. Let me tell you playing the Curious household was fucking ridiculous. Everyone's needs were out of control and I spent two fucking days trying to get them back up and cleaning the house. I had to make the Mom take two days off, but the Dad was working because someone needed to bring the money in. I might play them more later on, I didn't really they were related to the Curious family in Strangetown.

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Day 28

Feb. 10th, 2013 09:56 am
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Day 28: Have you ever writ­ten a char­ac­ter with phys­i­cal or men­tal dis­abil­i­ties?

I actually have a character that will be dealing with mental issues in TMC as well as a few characters in the Mari series. Mental disabilities are something I feel really connected with for obvious reasons, so I want to explore that in my fiction.

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Day 27

Feb. 9th, 2013 01:41 am
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Day 27: Do appear­ances play a big role in your sto­ries? How you go about design­ing your char­ac­ters.

Hmmm I would say they play a role given the society that the characters are living, but ultimately they don't play an ultra big role. It's more of a background thing. How do I design my characters? Besides the daughters of a certain lines, most everyone else's appearances are chosen randomly or according to the picture I have in my head.

I walked down to the dollar store today. I told my mom I wanted to get some stuff besides the gift card I ultimately bought, but I was in such a hurry to get the card that I didn't even think to get my iron tablet :(

But this morning I told my mom I needed to eat more meat and I requested chicken, so I had that for dinner tonight, so it wasn't too bad.

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Day 26: Do you draw your char­ac­ters? Do oth­ers draw them?

I have drawn them, but when I have them on paper, they aren't how imagined them in my head and at this moment, I really don't have the patience to work on my drawing skills. I used to be ace about drawing the face, but as I got better and less stressed, I didn't really turn to drawing to make me calm down.

So I deleted like good 60 GB of shit I don't use off of my computer. It's mostly music I don't listen to and ton of podcasts and all that stuff.

And I realized as I was backing up my download folder for The Sims 3 that since the 1st I have some how accumulated almost 2GB of stuff. This is my truth, I've always been a download whore, especially when it comes to Sims. So much good stuff!

I also backed up my neighborhoods. I'm about to put some mods and hacks in, so I want what I've played to be safe so I can return to them, though I'm going to start a new copy of Moonlight Falls because the sisters house was fucked or something. Anyway.

I have so many ideas in my head you guys. It reminds me of when I was a teen and going through mania. I stayed up through the night and wrote down all these notes. I yelled at my mom for interrupting me. I've been doing a lot of that today. But she's been bitching at me about messing with the TV and SHE asked me to do it, so idk. But I need to pull it back. I can't let myself slip into mania. My schedule is all off.

Well that's is all that's new from me. No real writing today, just incessant downloading and numerous tabs open.

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Day 25

Feb. 7th, 2013 03:25 am
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Day 25: Do any of your char­ac­ters have pets? Tell us about them.

I remember I mentioned that Elisabeth had a cat at one point. But the cat was really just a plot device so she would have a reason to come into contact with her crush.

But Mari does have two cats based as they were on the two cats I owned when I about sixteen. I really enjoy writing Nettie, Gigi is a little diva haha.

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Day 24

Feb. 6th, 2013 12:25 am
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Day 24: How will­ing are you to kill your char­ac­ters if the plot so demands it?

Every character in my series's have a chance of dying. Don't get me wrong, I love my characters, but eventually someone is going to die. Like I have no qualms about killing a character, though I often do ignore opportunities where they could probably die and give them a reprieve only for them to die at a later time.

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Day 23: How long does it usu­ally take you to com­plete an entire story?

This one depends on your definition of a story. If you mean a novella or a longer work? Well I've never finished one of those. One of my goals for the next five years will be to write a complete novel.

Now if you define a story as a piece or something similar? Well I write rather fast. I can knock out about 400 words in ten minutes, so if the piece is 1K or longer, then it'll take me an hour or so?

My grandmother is getting on my nerves as usual. Like if I want to take a fucking bath at 2 AM, then I will. She will come into the bathroom and berate me. I fell asleep in the tub once man, give it a rest. And how the fuck would I drown as less I'm slumped way down? Just she worries over every little thing. I see it runs in the family.

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Day 22: Tell us about one scene between your char­ac­ters that you’ve never written

See I'm debating about writing which scene I should write for this post. But I just thought of one. If you read TMC, you've probably read piece where Anna is being questioned and pieces after her death mostly involving her remaining family members. But I have not since writing the series in its current version or ever, written her execution, thought it was one of the kicking off points in most versions. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. When I do write it, I want to do it right. I'm still working out how it's going to play out.

And I'm sorry this post is late and it's almost time for Day 23. I stayed up for a complete day fooling around with files and then get sidetracked by reading this Sim story on the forums before finally having to shut down the laptop when my eyes started to give.

BUT I have played it today. I kept starting the game and I would get message saying a mod was conflicting with the game. So I would quit and mess around with the mods and start over, but it was still saying that. I don't have any mods in at the moment. After I went and took a bath, I started to think: What if it was just the household that was stopping me from playing? Because I noticed that when I tried to go to the household (Claire Ursine), the window would freeze up and I would have to quit. So I just started a new game and I prayed and crossed my fingers and it worked.

I played for about two hours, but I didn't save it. I hooked up my FB with the game for god knows what reason and something happened and it went off. I'm not too miffed because I got pictures and all that. I had to google where to find the picture folder haha.

Anyway here are some pictures of the Landgraab family. The new EP didn't really come into play as it's Summer in Sunset Valley, but the festival was in town when I looked, but it was night when that message popped up. Without further ado.

Grabby Hands )

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Day 20: What are your favorite char­ac­ter inter­ac­tions to write?

Hmm I don't know. I have a lot of fun writing sibling interactions with some of them bantering. I also love to write confrontations. Shit gets real sometimes.

After I reinstalled some stuff packs and World Adventures, I started to play Supernatural. I decided on the Crumplebottom sisters. I think I like the eldest. She's kind of moody and every time I clicked on her she was trying out her magic. The second eldest I had pick some vegetables before going to the store. She left the house and then started running. Oh and speaking of the eldest, she actually rode a broom! Omg you guys it was so cute. Then there was the dude at the library. I had her introduce herself to him "properly" according to the pie menu. Lawd she curtseyed and then held out her hand to be kissed. I think I really like her. I didn't play with the youngest that much, but I think she got sick or something.

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Day 19

Feb. 1st, 2013 12:12 am
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Day 19: Favorite minor that decided to shove him­self into the spot­light.

I had to think about this one for a minute. But after rejecting two previous candidates, I settled on Colette Cx3.

Colette first appeared in a piece about Cosette. Really she was just a woman that Gilles was flirting with to make Cosette jealous. Sometime after I decided that she and Gilles would be married after Cosette married Henri. I didn't really start to develop her until the very end of last year. I think she's my favorite because she's defined so much by her deep sated love for Gilles. I'm still exploring why exactly she loves him so much as she had a husband before Gilles. I'm working on her and interested to see where it leads her.

I'm going out today. I should be in bed right now, but I'm going to stay up for the moment. Trust me I will wake up regardless when it comes to money and shopping haha :P

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Day 20: Jedi or Sith

There's no question for me. I'm all about the Sith. Sure I like the Jedi, but I'm much more aligned with the Sith way of thinking. I'm going to be honest with you here, sometimes I think of the Jedi as sticks in the mud. Like fuck.

And this is the end of the SW meme. It's been fun. I want to have this on record, but one of the things I love the most about SW is the feeling of getting lost in another world. I remember feeling like this about HP. Maybe it's why I love worldbuilding in my own projects now. But should I phrase this. I love feeling like that somewhere out there, there is another world with just as many different people and all types of interests and all that good just like ours, do you know what I mean? I fucking love feeling like that.

Day 18: Favorite antag­o­nist

Hmm well I'm hesitant to label any of my characters antagonist, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are bad or evil, they just antagonize people. So let's say Anna shall we? Anna may be one of my favorites to write, but girl can be fucking cruel sometimes.

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Day 19: Favorite Battle

 photo tumblr_m2npcx8nya1r21j93o1_500.gif

I wasn't sure if I should this one as I don't know if the question is asking about the battles during the war or one or ones, but I chose this one anyway. This fight is intense and you can really tell they are putting their all into this. It's a fight to the death.

Day 17: Favorite pro­tag­o­nist.

Hmmm I don't know. It used to be Elisabeth, but I haven't wrote her by herself in the longest time. So maybe Anna or maybe Therese.

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Day 18: Favorite Duo/Friendship

 photo anakin-and-obi-wan-image.jpg

I almost went with the Luke/Leia friendship, but since they are blood related, I thought I'd go with the Obi-Wan/Anakin friendship. I like it so much because they were so close and then it all came crashing down. I mean Obi-Wan didn't even believe that Anakin still had any good in him even though he mourned the lost of his friend. Something about that is tragic to me.

Day 16: Do you write roman­tic rela­tion­ships? Are you good with those? Do you write sex scenes?

I do write romantic relationships. I actually have an easier time writing romantic relationships than I do with sex scenes. I'm still feeling my way around with sex scenes, you know? I have to get over my own problems with being a free sexual being. Like I still struggle with the fact that I'm sexual, you know? I've always tried to hide that part of me like it's something disgusting when I know it's not and that extended into my writing.

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Day 17: Funniest Scene

Well I was watching AOTC and I fucking laughed hard at Obi-Wan when he was trying to navigate through that asteroid field. I mean poor Obi-Wan, but it cracked me the fuck up haha.

Day 15: A writer you admire, whether pro­fes­sional or not!

Charlotte Bronte. Her stuff is so passionate and heartfelt. I would really love to even come close to her stuff one day.

Oh and I just watched this Anakin fanvid and I thought I'd share this with you all.

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Day 16: Favorite Villain

Hmmm this is a hard question to answer...NOT! Come on, you know I'm going to say Vader! Vader is my homeboy. His whole transformation from Anakin into the ruthless Vader, it enthralls me, you know? It's like he's multi-layered and all that.

Day 14: How do you map out loca­tions, if needed?

I break out the printer paper and pencils and draw haha. I tried to do it on the computer and it just wasn't working out for me.

And I'm sorry this post is so late. I got distracted last night before finally going to sleep and I ended up sleeping all fucking day haha.

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Day 15: A character you wish was in the saga more.

Hmm I'm going to go with Bail Organa. I would love to more about Bail and possibly Breha. We only get a glimpse of her at the end of ROTS.

Day 13: What’s your favorite cul­ture to write, fic­tional or not?

Haha probably my Mondians and their predecessors.

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