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Haven't done this in a month or so. But nothing really changed so I didn't feel it warranted it. But I have two additions that I find myself constantly staring at when I see an icon or a poster or something. So here we go,

Some Kind of Weird Hybrid of Aesthetics and Sexual Attraction

 photo Amy-Adams-American-Hustle-PS.jpg

I wouldn't say I would like to have sex with this character but I like to watch her. I like how her body moves and I like how the costumes fit her.

 photo tumblr_mzcnv33R5m1rl58vno3_250.gif

 photo tumblr_mzcnv33R5m1rl58vno10_250.gif

I have not seen the Hunger Games movies but I know who Jena Malone is playing. All I know is that I extremely attracted to her in this scene. I mean she seems so bold and unashamed of her nakedness. She's flirty and just. And her body looks nice. She's not ultra skinny or ultra curvy. She's kinda of fleshy but I like that.

So that ends this month's attractions.

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Part I: Crushes


Toby Stephens as Edward Rochester.

Now see I know Mr. Rochester is far from the ideal mate but I am so attracted to him. When I started reading the book I was like dude is a jerk. But that mofo wormed his way into my heart and now I find myself spouting: "Oh Jane! Call me Edward!" and blushing so yeah...


Ciarian Hinds as Captain Wentworth

I didn't really have a lot of feelings for Wentworth when I started watching the movie. But towards the end...I was like "Oh my! Oh me!" and that letter...oh man it sent chills through me. It was just so damn powerful and...ungh oh god I love that letter. I need to reread that book.


Richard Artimage

Now truthfully I am highly attracted to him in character as John Thornton (I'm doing it because I love you!) but he is highly pleasing out of the costume but damn I find him more attractive in period dress.


Dan Radcliffe

I love Dan's overall personality and his sense of humor. I wasn't really attracted to him to I see in costume for the Woman in Black or whatever and then I was "Why hello there!" I think I'm more attracted to his personality than anything else.

Part II: Aesthetically


I really like Marion's look. I've been seeing pictures of her here and there and there is something about her looks that really appeal to me. I really like her eyes. They have a lot of life and I want to find out her secrets.

Part III: Sexually and Auditory


I already knew about her but it wasn't until I decided to listen to her latest album that I really started to notice Natalia Kill. Her looks are so...idk erotic to me and I love her voice. I am really loving her second album and it's gotten me into a new genre: electro-rock!

Well that is this month's attraction post.

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This is a few days earlier but since I'm awake at the moment I've decided to do it now. I'm adding a new category to my attractions. Auditory. I define this as I like how this person speaks or I like their singing voice.

Okay so first up is Sexual Attraction.


Iggy Azalea, rapper

I first noticed my attraction to Iggy in her work video. I was very aroused by that video and how she moved her body. It become more apparent when I watched the Change Your Life video.


Naya Rivera, actress

I first noticed Naya in Glee. I think my attraction her began with that episode where they were singing to Will and the redheaded woman in the pool. I liked the way she moved.


Heather Morris, actress

I first noticed my attraction to Heather during the Run the World song. I loved the way she moved and her body is incredibly attractive.



My attraction Joel started to intensify in recent months. I love how charming he is and I love his sense of humor.


My crush on Alison Brie is very recent. I think it has a lot to do with the character she portrays on Community.


I have loved Alan's voice since as long as I can remember. I think I was projecting my love of him onto Snape as the character himself is kinda...well awful.

I actually put off listening to Icona Pop because I hate I Love It and my misplaced loyalty to Charli XCX haha. But I love how they sound in this song.

I love Lil Kim's singing voice. Her actual voice is kinda of girlish and soft. But her rapping voice? It's strong, it's cocky, it's assured. I love her rapping voice.

Well this brings this month's attraction post to a close. I hope you enjoyed it.

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The idea for this post can from unnecessary's monthly attraction posts. The types of attraction I based mine on are from the Six Types of Attraction post at

The attractions I'm defining with this pictures are as follows.

Sexually: I would like to have sex with this person.

Aesthetically: I like the way this person looks. Their looks appeal to me.

Crushes: I am attracted to some facet of this person's personality.

Without further ado the pictures!



Colin Farrell

I have been attracted to Colin Farrell since I was a teenager. Partly because of his dark looks but also because of the way I fantasize he would be in bed (Take charge, Aggressive)



Leighton Meester


Emmy Rossum


Natalie Portman


Anne Hathaway

The above women conform to my personal aesthetic of dark brown doe eyes and dark hair. I first noticed this awhile back that I tend to be attracted to women with these traits.


Hayden Christensen

I like his lanky but muscular build (At least at the time of ROTS)



I am attracted to Natalie's mind though let it be said that she's said some very insensitive things.


I am attracted to Florence's musical talent.


I am attracted to Beyonce's musical talent but also her tenacity.

Well this is what I have so far haha.

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