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Happy 2013 Charlie! by *debbiechan on deviantART

Deb drew Isshin and Masaki and I'm just now finding out about it haha. I love this pic.

Masaki - sketch by ~NEKO-2006 on deviantART

This one is just lovely. I love Mama Masaki.

Young Isshin x Masaki by ~Pamianime on deviantART

I think I am shipping young!Isshin and Masaki so hard. They are just so damn cute.

Anything But The Rain by *Yuria-chu on deviantART

This one is so damn intense and I love it so!

Ray of light by *Yuria-chu on deviantART

And my OTP is beautiful as always.

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I have so much energy right now you guys! I want to do everything!

I was thinking to myself about a week ago that Mama Cradie is the only grandparent I have left and I'm not always exactly the best granddaughter to her. So I've decided to be a little sweeter. I'll still assert myself, but I won't do it so rudely I guess you say.

I played the "I'll Be Missing You Song" for her today since it's her day and I noticed that after it ended she was crying. I asked her why and she said because she was thinking of her parents and all that. But she thanked me for playing it, though I felt bad that it made her cry.

I talked to Martel last night. He's doing okay. I started to fall asleep a few times around 2 am while I was waiting for the Bleach chapter to drop and I think the music was making me relax, so I left it on and turned over and off to sleep I went.

I just read the Bleach chapter and the sentence after this continues spoilers. So Katagiri has been confirmed as a mixed blood. Hmmm. I knew she was probably a Quincy, most likely a lower class, so that's been confirmed. I'm really enjoying these chapters, so keep it coming Kubo.

Now I think I might try to write or maybe download some more sims stuff. My mind is telling me we should play TS2, so I downloading stuff for that haha. The mind works in mysterious ways.

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Feb. 27th, 2013 12:20 am
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Motherfucking Bleach chapter came out and I finally get what I've been holding out hope for. ISSHIN BACKSTORY! Which means MASAKI, OF COURSE!

Yeah Kubo confirmed that she's a Quincy and that Isshin was a captain. Or was that already confirmed? I don't know, I don't care, all I care about is more information on MASAKI!

You guys don't know...I love mother characters. Especially in manga/anime because they always seem to be dead, you know? So I hope Kubo makes it worth it. Looking forward to next week's chapter!

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Sister Dear

May. 3rd, 2011 01:24 pm
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Title: Sister Dear
Author: [ profile] lady_leia_solo
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Rukia Kuchiki, Byakuya Kuchiki
Prompt: #054, Sister
Word Count: 550
Rating: G
Summary: Rukia wonders about the sister that is lost to her.

Sister... )

This is the third fanfic I've published and I beta'd it myself. So tell me if you see any spelling or grammar mistakes. I'd appreciate it!
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Title: Like A Virgin
Genre: Romance
Characters: Inoue Orihime and Ishida Uryuu, mentions of Kurosaki Ichigo and Arisawa Tatsuki
Spoilers: None, but takes place after the timeskip
Summary: Orihime feels like Ishida is hiding something from her. Whatever could it be?

Chapter Four )
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I said I would post chapter three to my journal and I am. I've already finished chapter four, which I believe is the last chapter I'll do. It's coming right after I finish posting this chapter.

Title: Like A Virgin
Genre: Romance
Characters: Arisawa Tatsuki,Inoue Orihime, Ishida Uryuu
Spoilers: None but takes place after the timeskip
Summary: Orihime and Ishida discuss their potential sex lives.

Chapter Three )
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So I said I would write chapter two of Like Virgin and I did. I wrote it faster than I did the first chapter, but I really got into it! I'm going to upload it to after I finish here. But I hope those who are reading like it and constructive criticism is welcome. I'm just an amateur writer and I'm trying to learn, but anyway on to the fic..

Read more... )

“Well I guess this is as good as it gets” she said exasperated with herself.

She picked up her purse and locked the door. Before she closed the door she looked at her shrine to Sora. Please watch over me, Brother.

While she walked to Uryuu’s house, her mind wandered as it so often did. Will he like my dress? Is it too simple? Does he really like me?

“Hey!” a voice called out.

Orihime looked up and then broke into a dazzling smile. It was Uryuu, waving at her from his window.

“Wait a sec, I’ll be right down” he called.

She walked up to the gate and waited for him. She brushed a lock of her hair back nervously. She hoped he liked her outfit.

When he was in her line of view, she could see he had dressed up quite nicely. He was wearing a dark suit and a blue tie. His hair was neat and his glasses sat just so on his nose. He was so handsome.

“Hello” he said opening the gate and staring at her with those blue eyes. “You look really nice”

“You think so?” she said looking down at her flower print dress. “I wasn’t sure what to wear. Do you think I should go home and change? Oh dear, I’ll be right ba—“

“Orihime” he interrupted her rushed speech “You look beautiful. Trust me”

She stared at him with huge brown eyes and she saw how earnest he was. She sighed.

“Sorry” she said bowing.

He pulled her up and looked at her intensely. Then he kissed her. She was surprised at first, but then she relaxed in his arms. His kiss was soft and it made her melt. Then all too soon, he released her.

“So shall we?” he said

“Sure” she said dazed.

When he opened the door, she saw that he had sat up his small dining room. There were lilies in a vase. Under the flowers, there was a blue table cloth. It was perfect. She thought to herself.

“My Lady, if you would have a seat. Dinner is almost ready” he said ushering her to a seat. She giggled lightly.

“What are we having?” she asked.

“I thought maybe you would like a foreign meal” he said stirring at the stove “So I checked some cookbooks out from the library and I found the perfect recipe”

She wondered what he could have possibly made for dinner. There was no doubt that she would like it, she loved everything he made. But there was so many foods that she hadn’t tried, she was positively excited to try something new.

She waited patiently until she heard him take the dishes down from the cabinets. Then she turned in her seat and called out “Do you need any help?”

He was coming to her with two plates in his hands bouncing them precariously. She started to get up, but then he was already there placing her plate in front of her.

She looked down at the dish and she sort of recognized the food.

“Uryuu did you make me noodles?” she said delightedly

“Somewhat” he said sitting down in his own seat. “It’s actually spaghetti. It’s Italian”

“Ohhh” she said picking up her fork “What’s the red stuff?”

“It’s sauce” he said laughing “Try it”

She didn’t need to be told twice. She picked her utensils. A fork, she knew that much. She thought.

She took a mouthful of the pasta and chewed. It was splendid! She looked across at Uryuu and he was watching her, an anxious look in his eye.

“I love it!” she said when she had finished chewing.

Then he laughed that laugh she loved so much. His eyes were glowing behind his glasses.

“I thought I had messed up somewhere and let the noodles cook to long”

She took another forkful of the pasta “No it’s sweet, but tangy”

They ate in silence with occasional looks over the flowers. When she was done, she gently wiped her mouth with a napkin and waited until he finished. Her mind was wandering again. Had he forgotten about what they had talked about on the phone?

“So um…” she started. How did one bring up the topic of sex?

“I know what you’re thinking” he said. She looked up and he was staring intensely at her.

“Well I t-thought w-we…” she stuttered and put her head down.

“Don’t be ashamed,” he said reaching over and taking her hand in his.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately” she admitted.

“So have I, but I’m you know…” he looked around as though there was someone else in the room “A virgin” he said whispering.

She laughed lightly “So am I”

“I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do actually” he said “I’ve read books on the subject, but they weren’t much help”

She looked at the crestfallen look on his face. Poor Uryuu, she thought. He thought he could learn anything and everything from a book. That was so like him.

“Maybe we could learn by practicing?” she suggested “You know what they say. Practice makes perfect!”

He looked up and she could see the burning look in his eye. He stood up and reached for her hand.

“Well why don’t we try out your theory?” he said leading her to his small bedroom.

Orihime knew that no matter what, this would be a night to remember.

ETA: Still typing too fast. Must learn to slow down...
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I finished writing on that Ishihime piece I started weeks ago. I'm still having trouble with dialogue, but I think I did okay. So I'm going to post this little drabble here. It's only about 500 words. The situation is Orihime and Ishida make plans to do it. I'm terrible at summaries though. I may put this up on But anyway here it goes..

Oh and the title is inspired by the Madonna song "Like A Virgin" as that was what inspired me to write it in the first place. Oh and ratings, I guess you could say PG for mentions of sex
ETA: Added a LJ cut XD
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