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After I finished watching the trailer for the first(?) time I started to think. I was in bed with Martel and we started to talk.

My first thought was that the John Boyega character couldn't be real stormtropper. I thought this because the stormtroppers are all clones of Jango Fett. Then we thought maybe he's a good guy that's dressing up in the gear. I mean given that he looks like he's trying to get away I can see that.

And the Sith at the end? The only thing I've been worried about is that they might try to bring Vader back. But seeing the Sith and it looks nothing like him I have hope. I think he could probably be a secret apprentice to either Palpatine or Vader? I know they did that sort of stuff in the EU.

And I recall seeing the lightsaber design like that before? I didn't see the promotional picture until today but I really recall seeing a similar design like that somewhere. I'm thinking in the EU maybe?

Anyway those are my thoughts. I hope we get some character names. I want to see the trio in one of these trailers at least. Maybe when we get the full two minute one?

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Let's play a game dear friends of mine. I was just flipping through one of my writing books...this particular one is on archetypes. I was looking through them and comparing my traits to the archetypes. I don't fit neatly into one archetype. I mean really who would? That would be boring as fuck. That's when I got this idea.

You can describe yourself an already made character like Scarlett O'Hara or perhaps Catwoman. You can do an archetype or whatever you feel comfortable with. Go to TV Tropes and look around. Which do you think fit you? Do you fit neatly into one or are you many?

Got it? Now let's play! Btw I'm making this public, but I can make it private if any of you don't feel comfortable with that.

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So I have a sort of question for you guys.

You know how celebrities have their certain things they stand for? Like Angelina Jolie and her causes or Eva Longoria and the Latino community. Basically I mean like something that you feel passionately about. What's your cause?

I was thinking about this as I took a bath the other day. I think mine would be:

Feminism, Mental Health, and Education. Of course there are other things I care about, but I feel very passionately about these particular things. What about you? What do you feel passionate about?

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