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I wanted to post this. I had listened to his Why I Hate School but love education. I was looking for spoken word poems but I feel like this video is really important. I need to remember this and I think a lot of people need to watch it.

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Hey you guys. I think I've decided on a major. There are a lot of subfields of sociology and I really think I would like to do this. I'm thinking I'm going to apply to LSU here in Shreveport to cut costs. I'm thinking about either minoring in English or History. I really enjoy those two disciplines and haha English was what I originally wanted to study way back in the day.

But of course I could change my mind. So nothing is definite.

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Hey you guys.

I forgot to write about this a few days ago, but I subscribed to the online companion to the Writer's Market book. You know that thick ass book with a list of publishers? Yeah that one. I had an old one, but it wasn't divided into genres, but the online portion can be sorted like that. I've found a few prospective publishers and I'm saving them to my folder. Possibly an agent too if I can ever finish everything.

I was on the College Confidential website and I saw someone asking if SSI counted towards the EFC and it turns out that those benefits don't and both my mother and I receive disability, so what does this mean? Will it mean that on my app, I technically won't have any income? How is this going to work?

I started reading the Feminist Activism book haha. I like it so far. I can't just choose one book to read, I want to read them all!

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One of the reasons I've been ambivalent about going to college is because of the cost.

I've been hearing all of the stories of students going into debt paying for college. Let me tell you just from the little amount of debt I have right now, it is not a position I want to live in for the rest of my life.

I mean being honest, I'm most likely not going to study one of the most beneficial areas. Since I was like 14, one of my main things has been going for a degree in English. I mean come on not very beneficial right?

But see my passions lie in the Humanities. I don't want to study something I'll be miserable in, you know?

So I've been looking into financial options and I didn't realize there were so many grants!

Of course I know about Pell Grant. That was one of the first ones I realized I qualified for. But there are so many you guys! I'm feeling really good about funding my way.

And then there's work study. I don't mind working at all and if keep me from having a lot of debt, I have no problem with that at all.

I look at loans as a last result. I just don't want to have that on my record. I usually have no problem paying back small ones, but college can be expensive you know? And there's no guarantee that I'll land a position.

So anyway I guess you could say I have a new home. Haha SW joke. But I really want to do this. I know I can do this.

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