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I have a sort of litmus test that I try with potential dates to see if they pass. I'll try to slyly try to sneak something into the conversation about feminism. Now see I don't actually say feminism because a lot of people have a knee jerk reaction to that. I said once that I was thinking about majoring in Women's Studies. I said to another that I was interested in women's rights. So I try to gauge people's esp. the men's reaction. So far so good.

And this is just random but I was on ONTD and I was looking at the Jenner sisters post and I remember all these quotes were their like "We aren't Kardashians" and I'm thinking to myself but you're using that Kardashian name to boost yourself up. I mean...don't be hypocritical. That name is famous but don't try to act like you've got to where you are without the help of that name.

I have feelings apparently. This is where I talk about them. So there.

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I started writing on the novella for the first time in a week. I had a scene to follow the first one of chapter seventeen but after I got half through it I couldn't decided what to write next and I'm stumped at the moment. The chapter focuses on Bernadette and her thoughts about her situation with Jean Michele. I've literally just stopped.

I practiced decimals and multiplication today. See I get how to multiply but I get tripped on multiplying two digits. Like I could remember some of it but I get confused easily with it.

The French is coming along. I'm practicing with memerise which is really helpful. It's interactive and it has a lot of repetition which helps me retain more information.

Yesterday night I started reading the introductory textbook on Sociology I bought. This one is much more informative than the Spark Notes 101 book and it has suggested reading and websites at the end of each chapter.

I'm still reading Still Brave. The article that I finished reading this afternoon talked about womanism and the differences between it and black feminism. I didn't realize how different yet alike they are. I mean I call myself a black feminist instead of a womanist but it's not because of the differences are what they stand for but how it sounds. I mean if I say I'm a feminist in normal everyday life someone is more likely to know what I mean (And get negative connotations I admit) than if I say I'm a womanist. It's just a lot attached to both identifiers and I need to look into them more.

I have been replaying Iggy's Change Your Life. And you know I was thinking after I made my attraction post that I should probably have added Iggy under the sexual category because I am highly sexually attracted to her. So that might be an addition.

Tomorrow is my birthday (The song 22 no longer applies :P). I haven't decided if I'm going to go out but my mom made dressing today and I was like whaaat? She was like I wanted you to have a good meal and hey I'm not complaining.

Until next time my dears or after 12 when I make my usual birthday post.

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I found this picture in my Flickr. I think this was in 2010 or something? I think I sort of look like Kerry Washington here especially in the eye area haha.

So I'm almost done with A Lady Dares. I don't know what's changed about me in the past few months but I don't simply read for pleasure anymore. I find myself analyzing things. I bought the Cambridge Companion to Feminist Literary Theory at the beginning of the moment and I realize that me being a feminist is affecting how I read now. I would say that the book I'm reading at the moment is leaning towards feminist ideals. I say this because the heroine often comments on what she's expected to do as a lady in Victorian society and how she rejects this if you know what I mean. Is that weird haha?

I also started reading The Secret Garden last night. I was combing over my bookshelf and for whatever reason I picked it up. I started reading the first page but I guess you could say it immediately grabbed me haha. I'm really enjoying it.

The Applause video premiered today and I have to say I enjoy the video more than I do the actual song. Yes Gaga is pretentious but I will say that I love how much she seems to put into her ~art~. Yes I do miss the Fame era and I wasn't that fond of BTW but I like Gaga. Idk I just like her schtick. I prefer Roar at the moment but I'm hoping I'll enjoy Gaga's album. I'm looking forward to both.

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Hey you guys.

I forgot to write about this a few days ago, but I subscribed to the online companion to the Writer's Market book. You know that thick ass book with a list of publishers? Yeah that one. I had an old one, but it wasn't divided into genres, but the online portion can be sorted like that. I've found a few prospective publishers and I'm saving them to my folder. Possibly an agent too if I can ever finish everything.

I was on the College Confidential website and I saw someone asking if SSI counted towards the EFC and it turns out that those benefits don't and both my mother and I receive disability, so what does this mean? Will it mean that on my app, I technically won't have any income? How is this going to work?

I started reading the Feminist Activism book haha. I like it so far. I can't just choose one book to read, I want to read them all!

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Okay so there was this post on ONTD talking about YouTube Vloggers and how women are underrepresented and I clicked a link to a post full of female vloggers and I clicked one.

I love these two up there. She's so young, but she seems a lot more mature than I was at her age and look at her bookshelves! I love her bookshelves!

Book wise I actually bought one sort of historical book? Helen of Troy by Margaret George. I had read her wiki and I liked what I saw, so I bought this book especially since I was thinking of writing something about Helen and her family. You always need to check out similar books in your designated genre.

So anyway I'm going to watch some more videos and listen to some music. I'm liking ZZ Ward!

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