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Okay here's the hair update.

I was reading some natural hair blogs and I saw that they recommend not using shampoos that have saline in them. So I went and checked the shampoo/conditioner I'm using and it indeed had saline in it, so I stopped using that. I washed my hair with just a conditioner and then I put some of the curl pudding in it and the results were really good. It tamed my hair and it retained moisture for like three days whereas before it only held for like a day or something.

And I can see my curl pattern better too. It's more defined. I'm thinking about doing a homemade deep conditioner later on this week if I can get the ingredients. The dollar store didn't have any honey which I need for the one I chose. I might go to Walmart or have my grandma pick some up for me when she goes out. She goes to the local Walmart like everyday. I used to go with her when we went out to eat like every other day but I stopped that. I mean lol eating fast food everyday wasn't exactly helping me lose weight.

So that's how my hair is at the moment. It's doing a letter better and retaining more moisture.

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I've been resistant to fake hair ever since I had a bad experience with tracks (basically extensions) and track glue (thick black glue used to hold them in.) It pulled out my hair and since then I've sworn off hair other than mine.

I like the look of weave but the upkeep is too much for me you know? But I realized as my grandmother came in with a new wig and started discussing hair extensions and what not with my mother that I have another less abrasive option. Wigs!

I think I'd like to try out different wigs. Lmao true story ever since I saw Closer I've wanted a pink bob wig like Natalie wore in that movie. I think I just might get one for fun haha. If I'm brave enough I'll wear it out.

But yeah I'm gonna try some things. I might get some non permanent spray dyes to put some color in my hair. It is mine after all.

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Can I say that it was extremely hard trying to tell my niece exactly the reasoning behind me cutting off my hair? I told her it was because I wanted to return to my curly hair. She asked me why did I have to cut off my hair to do that. And guys I didn't know how to explain to her...I much should I tell her?

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So I chopped off all my hair. I've just been pulling at it, stressing over how uneven it is. After I did the assessment I just couldn't get it out of my head. All the way there I was fooling with my hair.

So I did it when I got home. I couldn't find the household scissors so I used my sewing ones. As I cut my hair I looked at the locks. I couldn't help thinking all my beautiful hair. There was a lot of it.

It's uneven right now, but I'll fix it. But I feel so free right now. I'm not sure how I like it and I know I'll probably regret it tomorrow but right now I feel loads better. So there's that.

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Hey you guys!

So since I can remember me and my hair...we've kinda of been enemies? It's always been tough to deal with. I got my first relaxer when I was like four or three or something, reportedly because my mom found to hard to deal with.

I've been getting relaxers since then. I remember I used to hate to get my hair washed. I absolutely hated it. I swear I would make a scene and cry whenever my mom washed it. I remember she was surprised once when my former sister in law, Shauna, told her she had washed my hair and I didn't cry XD

It started falling out once. I can't remember exactly what grade I was in, but maybe junior high? I had dyed it countless times and it got damaged.

For awhile I stopped relaxing it. My mom would use olive oil in my hair and she would just straighten it out. It started growing out after that.

Right now I'm having the same issues. My hair dries easily and it's shorter on one side. It's always the same side. I think it's probably because I always sleep on this side.

But I've been looking at some natural hairstyles. I've been thinking about perhaps letting my natural texture show. I usually don't like how it looks, but that's because I don't know what do with it and I don't know how to properly take care of it. But seeing other women with my hair type (4C thank you very much), I see how pretty theirs is.

So yeah I think I might go natural at some point. I want to try it out at least. But I really need to find the right products for my hair regardless and treat it better.

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Here are the latest updates in the life of a neurotic young adult.

So I left the computer alone and stayed on my laptop. Though I couldn't get comfortable in bed with it, so I went to the dining room and stayed in there just typing and other stuff. At 4, Martel finally came online.

So of course I immediately message him and whine about my cut fingers and then big bad mean PC haha. So he sent me a video showing me what needed to be done and so I went back to my room and about twenty minutes later they were firmly in and the computer had stopped beeping.

But though I remembered to unplug everything before I took apart the computer, I did not however remember to eject the disc I had in the drive. Why? Because I didn't think it mattered. So I through the day I've been trying to get the fucking thing open but I keep pulling up straws, so I need Martel to show me again so it seems.

But I'm happy because I got to see CJ. He was over Martel's house this morning. Idk why, but he hasn't changed thank god!

I've had my hair washed and I feel so much better!

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