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The computer is...still messed at the moment. Sill me had to go and unplug shit. Now though the cards are installed correctly, a cable isn't plugged in correctly. I got the disc after literally beating the hell out of the thing and out the drive, so yeah.

But the upside to all of this? I developed an idea for one of my worlds. It came about when I saw that the extra points at writerverse called for a crossover and it got me to thinking about it and so everything started developing. I haven't written the first full piece for it yet, but the crossover between the TRW world and the TWOTW verse.

Oh and my fucking hands still hurt. And at least I know how a computers works on the inside now XD

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I watched this because I was bored waiting for the game to load, but he actually hits upon something that I've become increasingly aware of with the Sims franchise.

Back in 2007 maybe, a Sim credit card came out. I clearly remember that even then I was iffy with that.

With the current generation of the Sims, this feeling I'm having grows deeper.

Look we're in America and I know capitalism rules our land. But this whole thing is bothering me.

I don't mind paying for expansion packs, in my opinion they are worth it what with added gameplay and extras added throughout the game.

Sometimes I don't mind the stuff packs, I like stuff.

But there is something about the Sim 3 store that's rubbing me the wrong way even though I buy stuff from it.

Like stuff that could be in EPs or SPs are sold there. New world with the occasional returning Sims are there. Like Mary Sue and Daniel Pleasant come with Sunlit Tides. I really fucking like the Pleasants and I bought that world. I haven't played it yet, but besides some of the premium stuff, the Sims themselves are one of my motivating factors for buying a world.

And then there's the frequency that the EPs are coming out. There are going to be 3 EPs coming out this year at $40 new. I said I like EPs, but some of them could have easily been combined like Island Paradise and World Adventures could have easily been one EP as well as Late Night and Showtime. It's like they are splitting up the content and charging twice for it. Idk that just seems so fucking...low to me.

I don't know why I'm thinking so hard about this. Money makes the world turn doesn't it? We shall see how I deal with EA in the future.

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I am so fucking mad right now. I was going to play TS3 since I had wrote my required words and I knew I was going to be up for awhile. So I fired up the game, waited for that shit to load. I went to the Alto household like I usually do. Holly was coming home from that joke of a sing a gram and Nick and Vita were literally just STANDING around while their needs went into the red and they wouldn't obey my commands. But Holly comes running up the walk, so I'm like "alright my girl is home." Her energy is low, so I directed to go make some coffee because I am like obsessed with the different types of coffee. And do you know what happened? THE FUCKING GAME FROZE AND THAT DAMN WINDOWS MESSAGE POPPED UP AND I'M LIKE BITCH NO!

I am still fucking mad. I don't even want to start the game all over. Fuck it I'll try it on Saturday.

But on the bright side like I mentioned I did write 1K today and I started the new book, of course. There are a lot of books I'm seeing that I want to read, so I think I'll be buying a couple.

But other than that, not much as gone on today. My mom was in a really bad mood though for some reason. She gets like that sometimes. It wasn't really directed at me, but at my grandma. She's really fucking pissed.

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Day 14: A moment that breaks your heart

I'm pretty much going to go with the twins are delivered to their separate homes. I don't know I just keeping thinking of what could have happened if Anakin had cooled his shit. They would have been a happy family. Maybe Anakin would have had to give up his career as well as Padme. But the family would still be together, you know? But of course, it couldn't go down like that.

Day 12: In what story did you feel you did the best job of world→­build­ing?

I guess I'd say TMC. I mean I've got certain histories and rulers and the Church mapped out. It's the one I spend the most time on because I guess you could say it allows my creativity to run free as well as my imagination haha.

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