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I am obsessively checking the ratings for Sleepy Hollow. It went down by a million and half for the second episode but it still has pretty good ratings at 8.59 million. I really want this show to get a second season. Like I said somewhere else I haven't been this excited about a show since I started Scandal.

I started making some icons as well. I made another batch of Community icons and you can find them at [ profile] buttercup_magic I was too lazy to put them up on DW haha.

I keep sleeping and thus I keep having strange as fuck dreams. The last one my dad died *knocks on wood* and the one before that was like in high school and then it turned into apocalypse and then Martel swooped in like the motherfucking Batman and rescued me and then made a speech and then burnt shit down and like when we in the sky the fire looked like it was on top of a birthday cake. WTF? I swear to god I actually dreamed this shit.

I've download some fractions sheets and I'm going to work on those today and whatnot. I'm still working on my languages.

And I finally got the book. It is really heavy which I really like and I love the pages and the layout and AH. I'm such a book nerd.

Oh and I found an affordable vet near the house. I still have to get a carrier and I need to check exactly how much will an exam be. But I think I'm going to take him out that one. It's on our normal route but I'm going to take after we get everything done so I can stay with him. Bisco is a little shy around new people.

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Hey you guys. I think I've decided on a major. There are a lot of subfields of sociology and I really think I would like to do this. I'm thinking I'm going to apply to LSU here in Shreveport to cut costs. I'm thinking about either minoring in English or History. I really enjoy those two disciplines and haha English was what I originally wanted to study way back in the day.

But of course I could change my mind. So nothing is definite.

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I started writing on the novella for the first time in a week. I had a scene to follow the first one of chapter seventeen but after I got half through it I couldn't decided what to write next and I'm stumped at the moment. The chapter focuses on Bernadette and her thoughts about her situation with Jean Michele. I've literally just stopped.

I practiced decimals and multiplication today. See I get how to multiply but I get tripped on multiplying two digits. Like I could remember some of it but I get confused easily with it.

The French is coming along. I'm practicing with memerise which is really helpful. It's interactive and it has a lot of repetition which helps me retain more information.

Yesterday night I started reading the introductory textbook on Sociology I bought. This one is much more informative than the Spark Notes 101 book and it has suggested reading and websites at the end of each chapter.

I'm still reading Still Brave. The article that I finished reading this afternoon talked about womanism and the differences between it and black feminism. I didn't realize how different yet alike they are. I mean I call myself a black feminist instead of a womanist but it's not because of the differences are what they stand for but how it sounds. I mean if I say I'm a feminist in normal everyday life someone is more likely to know what I mean (And get negative connotations I admit) than if I say I'm a womanist. It's just a lot attached to both identifiers and I need to look into them more.

I have been replaying Iggy's Change Your Life. And you know I was thinking after I made my attraction post that I should probably have added Iggy under the sexual category because I am highly sexually attracted to her. So that might be an addition.

Tomorrow is my birthday (The song 22 no longer applies :P). I haven't decided if I'm going to go out but my mom made dressing today and I was like whaaat? She was like I wanted you to have a good meal and hey I'm not complaining.

Until next time my dears or after 12 when I make my usual birthday post.

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I learned a lot from staying in Brentwood.

I remember during one of my stays there we were doing a writing assignment and we were using books. After we were finished we all rushed to put them up. I recall saying something about not liking to wait and one of the nurses bluntly said "Learn patience."

At the time I was like "Did you have to be so rude?" but I realize that she was right. I might not have liked her tone but she was right. Since then I've learned to be more patient. I used to get frustrated easily and just stop things but I've come a long since then. I still get frustrated no doubt but I'm trying to learn to take things slow because like that saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day."

My antivirus caught something on my laptop and it's been scanning through my files for the past two hours to make sure everything's gone. So I've been reading the John Hopkins guide to Literary Theory and Criticism.

I found a new language site today thanks to the members on Lipstick Alley. It's all Memerise and lol I didn't realize how clear that name was until I said it aloud to Martel and then something clicked and my head and I laughed haha.

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Hey you guys it's Friday and thus the day that I get my check since the 1st is on a Sunday.

I'm wearing a black headband around my head and a pair of hoop earrings and I actually quite like how I look. I wrote a note to myself to get more headbands and more earrings to spruce up my appearance because I seriously don't know how to rock the short hair yet haha. But I'm getting there!

I started reading Manifesta just a little while ago. I haven't got very far into it yet though. I pained my nails plus since I'm wearing a blouse that has a lot of blue in it. I haven't decided on my shoes yet.

I just did a concentration quiz with the French months, days, and seasons. It took me about 5 minutes haha. I'm getting there okay.

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Hey you guys. My sleep schedule has been out of whack lately. I mean normally I sleep during the day but I keep falling asleep in the afternoon. Now I'm up at night as usual, but I still feel tired in the body that I don't want to sit up at the desk. Wtf? I've been taking my iron regularly and I'm drinking orange juice to give myself more Vitamin C so what's up?

Have you guys heard of Course Open Ware? Apparently this a thing where they share the course materials of various courses and disciplines for free and I am just now discovering this is a thing? Fucking ace man! I've already found some women's studies courses but I haven't down and pursued them yet.

Yesterday I went through several budget lists to find a simple enough budget sheet to help me stay in control of my finances. I think the one I'm using is from a pearl site or something? I know it had pearl in the name.

Ellie Goulding is putting out a deluxe edition of Halcyon and I want that shit so bad, but the price on Amazon for the mp3 is 18.99. Now see that's not too much but I allotted myself 20 dollars for music and I want to buy the K Michelle album when my check comes. But I fucking love Ellie and the moment I heard 'You My Everything' on Skins I fucking died. I love her music man. Idk maybe I'll just listen to it on Spotify until October.

There are a lot of books (ebooks) that I want to read. A lot of them have similar themes. So what I've decided with myself is that I will buy one book a theme and save the others for another time instead of buying all of them and not having enough money for other books.

I am really enjoying this book I'm reading. It's been a hot minute so I read a paranormal but I am really fucking enjoying this mofo.

Hair wise I don't regret cutting my hair but I haven't found a way to wear it that I'm satisfied with. I've been wearing turbans for the past few days off and on haha.

So Ben Affleck is the next Batman. Might I ask why we need a new Batman this soon? Seriously wtf? I'm not really THAT pissed over the casting as I am over bringing in another Batman so damn soon. I mean shit TDKR was last fucking year! How long was it between Batman Begins and the previous Batman movie? Somebody count that shit.

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Hey you guys! I started the course today and I'm enjoying it so much. While I was watching the second lecture, I got an idea for a song and the lyrics started forming in my head haha. I'm on my second verse.

I'm almost finished with Tart! I like that the author is not just focusing on the sex, but on the relationships between the three of them. I'm definitely going to read more of her work.

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I was just reminiscing to my mom that she had bought this keyboard from Love Thy Neighbor, which is where she used to work during my elementary years. I used to love playing that keyboard. This was before I could read music, so I used to play by ear.

Anyway my songwriting class is happening in 2 days! I'm so excited! I need to look over the textbook. It's about a week or so until my other class starts, so I have a bit of time.

My mom is going out to pick up some food tomorrow.

I slept through the day today since I stayed up last night haha. Oh and I started this book, it's called Tart and it's erotica. Compared to the last erotica I read, this one is much better. It actually has a plot and structure. Is it weird that I don't like my porn to have any plot, but I like for my erotica to? Idk why that is. Maybe because I'm solely looking to get off with the porn? Hmmm...

Anyway that's how today went. What about y'all?

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