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Sorry it's blurry I took it on the webcam. I bought some hair accessories today and let me tell you those mofos are expensive. That flower alone cost $4! Everyday low prices huh?

Anyway I've ordered all of my books and some have shipped already. I only bought two ebooks. One is a grammar book and the other is a sociology anthology. I bought some music as well.

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Hey you guys it's Friday and thus the day that I get my check since the 1st is on a Sunday.

I'm wearing a black headband around my head and a pair of hoop earrings and I actually quite like how I look. I wrote a note to myself to get more headbands and more earrings to spruce up my appearance because I seriously don't know how to rock the short hair yet haha. But I'm getting there!

I started reading Manifesta just a little while ago. I haven't got very far into it yet though. I pained my nails plus since I'm wearing a blouse that has a lot of blue in it. I haven't decided on my shoes yet.

I just did a concentration quiz with the French months, days, and seasons. It took me about 5 minutes haha. I'm getting there okay.

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One of the reasons I've been ambivalent about going to college is because of the cost.

I've been hearing all of the stories of students going into debt paying for college. Let me tell you just from the little amount of debt I have right now, it is not a position I want to live in for the rest of my life.

I mean being honest, I'm most likely not going to study one of the most beneficial areas. Since I was like 14, one of my main things has been going for a degree in English. I mean come on not very beneficial right?

But see my passions lie in the Humanities. I don't want to study something I'll be miserable in, you know?

So I've been looking into financial options and I didn't realize there were so many grants!

Of course I know about Pell Grant. That was one of the first ones I realized I qualified for. But there are so many you guys! I'm feeling really good about funding my way.

And then there's work study. I don't mind working at all and if keep me from having a lot of debt, I have no problem with that at all.

I look at loans as a last result. I just don't want to have that on my record. I usually have no problem paying back small ones, but college can be expensive you know? And there's no guarantee that I'll land a position.

So anyway I guess you could say I have a new home. Haha SW joke. But I really want to do this. I know I can do this.

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Hi guys! I'm back from shopping. I got a few things. I bought a lipstick. It's more orange than reddish orange. I tried it on when I got home. I like how it looks. I thought it'd look brighter haha.

The security guard at the Walmart has a crush on my mom. He said "She's gorgeous!" Lmao my mom has always had men falling over her. She's about to be sixty and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

I ordered some of the books for the online courses I'm taking. I have about three more. I could get the ebooks free, but I wanted to have hard copies.

I bought some music too and I renewed my Netflix account.

When my mom asked the pharmacy about my birth control they said I didn't have any refills. I was like huh? So we got home and my mom found the prescriptions with the refills on it XD I'm going to pick them up on the 3rd.

So that's how today has went so far. We're eating chicken for dinner. I might play TS3 today as well since I was itching to this morning haha.

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I'm a little miffed right now. Both at myself and greedy people in general. I should have looked over that contract first before I signed it. I mean that much money for interest does seem like a lot. The amount I got was slightly higher than before, but damn that interest...sigh.

But next month I'll be finished.

I've settled on this computer to replace my old desktop. It has way better specs to run Sims 3 and that's really important to me. I'm getting it refurbished though because I can't afford a completely new one on my income but Martel said refurbished is just as good and I checked and the seller is certified and their ratings are stellar.

I've been writing and what not. I need to finished posting my backlog of fics and post the ones languishing on my thumb drive.

Oh and the MyHeritage Family Tree Builder really hates illegitimate children it seems. I can't set the familial relationships between a mother and father that weren't married. Or I can but it gets reset with the spouse if the woman married someone other than her child's father. So yeah.

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