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So even though this is the fourth generation of the Alto dynasty, this is the second generation born in my game. First generation is Nick (Who has passed) and Vita, then Holly and Michael, then Ash and Deb and the rest of the Matthews, and now generation four.

First throwback

Holly and Baby Deb

Lord this was all the way back in March when Deb and Ash were born and Holly had just came from a costume party, so that means Ash and Deb were born during the Fall.

Deb and Alya

Current time: Rising Dr. Matthews and her elder twin daughter, Alya. Alya looks more like Deb.

Deb and the Twins

She really doesn't get to spend that much time with them, but hopefully once she rises a little higher, she'll get better working hours. Kaz works in the afternoons and nights.

Kaz and Amina

Kaz and Amina. I noticed while editing these she sort of has Holly's blonde hair because I was seriously stunted on that hair color until I remembered who her grandmother is.

Alya Amina

Closeups I took


And Ash and Gabriela had their first child. Her name is Ashlyn.

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Aynad's birthday fell on the day I had planned for the bachelor party. But no fear because the four adults gathered around and Aynad grew into a toddler. She's growing on me.


Ash's bachelor party was at a dive bar. Two dancers came but Ash had went to the basement and was playing his guitar, but someone playing music almost always guarantees the Sims will like because Sims are music loving creatures.

Runaway Bride

And for the second time in like six damn days, someone got abducted. Only this time it was the bride. Smh.

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Happy Snowflake Day

Oh my god you guys I love this game. They had Snowflake Day and Ash invited over family and friends and it was just so adorable. And I also discovered another perk from the Seasons pack. Everyone that works got a holiday bonus. I don't think it works like that for the skill based careers but yeah Deb got what the game said was an "average" bonus of about 2,000 but then she is in the Medical career, so yeah.

My game was messing up because I wasdumb enough to download something from the Exchange. So I ran a clean game in Moonlight Falls with the Swains and everything seemed to work correctly. Then I put in some CC and it ran fine. Lastly I added my mods and everything seemed to work fine, so I'm pretty sure it was from one the houses I downloaded that caused it, so yeah.

Other than Sims, I wrote around 600 words yesterday, though I only posted 250 of them. I'm just getting lazy about posting my stuff. I think I might have at least 30 pieces that need to be posted. Plus I need to add links to the indexes and finish posting my backlog of fics...oh my. Oh and speaking of original fiction Anna and Henri broke up in my game and now Anna has a baby by VJ Alvi...lmao!

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Going to the Chapel

So it looks like I'm going to be throwing a bachelor party AND a wedding party. Deb is focusing on work at the moment and well Kaz is being using as a vessel, so yeah those two are going to wait awhile.

I just took a look inside one of my folders and it had 2 GB worth of BACKUP shit. So I deleted it along with the caches, so I'm hoping CAS will load faster for me so I can dress up the family and Co. in their finest for this wedding since Holly and Aaron had a private wedding.

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Deb's graduation

Deb graduated! Lord I'm way too emotional about my Sims. I remember it was just yesterday that she and Ash were born and I was like "Cute little swaddled babies" and I was cooing over Holly's baby belly. I am WAY too attached to this motherfucking games.

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Hey you guys! Deb is about to graduate. Her exams are scheduled to take place on Friday and I saved on Thursday so I'll probably play it out and my gal will be on her way to being Dr. Matthews.

She can now analyze different samples and I just love that feature! I had her analyze some iron and then after her activity today, I made her go dumpster diving so I could hopefully get a metal for her to analyze haha. It's so awesome.

I've been kind obsessed with making new stuff for my game. Now I like to think of my Sims in their own self little contained world. Like there's our world and then there's the world that the Sims takes place on. As a result I don't like stuff to feature real life things. Like I wouldn't have a poster of Rihanna, but I might have a Rihanna like Sim poster. I don't know if that makes sense, but I just don't like real life things in Sim Land.

I'm working on making some new covers for some decor books. This will be science influenced for Deb's future house. I'm going to make some for Ash too featuring music.

Here's one cover I had so far.

Simlish Book Covers

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Deb's Lab

I'm working on decorating a sorta of lab for Deb, though I don't know why because she's only going to be there for a week, but I wanted to try my hand at decorating some more, so yeah. The floor is an accident and I'm going change it. The walls are blue because that's her favorite color and I'm hoping she'll get a mood boost from that haha.

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Deb YA

Ash YA

Leaving Home for the First Time

Ash and Deb aged up and I tried to send them off to university. I just exited out of the game prematurely because you know something is wrong when it takes three hours for it to finish loading...and it didn't finish. So yeah I'm going to redo after I sleep.

Ruthie and Hollis

And Hollis wanted to snuggle Ruth and since I'm a nice god I let him do that. She has four siblings that dote on her. Little spoiled ass...

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The graphics are amazing in TS3 on this computer! I didn't play too much, but I wanted to check to see if I could load up my family. A few things were off like Michael Alto being bald and some patterns missing in the kids' bedrooms AND baby Ruth was literally under the house. Aaron got stuck, but someone said quitting the game will return stuck sims back to normal, so I'm hoping that'll be alright.

You can see some pictures on my simblr. I've also got some new pictures of TS2.

I'm still getting weird cravings. Now I want chalk...Wtf? But other than that things are okay. It's been raining here.

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Hello my very fair friends!

I have spent the past two days downloading and reinstalling all of my Sim games. It took awhile, but most of them have been installed as of 2: 42 am and now I reinstalling my store content. I haven't fired up the game yet and I'm still not sure how good the game will look with all the EPs installed, but I only heard Adrianne's fan fire up four times during the whole installing process, so I hope she can handle it.

And I've been writing. I think I've written about 4,000 words since Sunday. I really missed my characters. Now I need to post the ones I somehow haven't posted yet because I am lazy. And then I need to go and post each story to its journal. Which isn't so bad, but it's April and I have stories that were originally posted in early March. But at least I'm not writing at my usual pace or it'd be much longer.

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Ugh you guys.

I got the RAM today around 5 pm. It is now five hours later and though I installed them, my computer keeps beeping in a loop which I googled and it means they aren't installed correctly. -_- Shit I know I need to be patient, so I'm going to go to bed tonight and try to work on it tomorrow, though I want to talk to Martel about it, so I might stay up a bit.

The CC I made looks alright in game, though I think the stencil looks a bit blurry on the shirt and I somehow forgot to enable the options for CASt in the game, so yeah, but I succeeded at making a stencil, so yay!

I also made a pattern and it came out perfectly. It's in my Self Sim's house in a world I opened to test it.

So that's all that happened today. Till tomorrow!

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Hey two posts in four hours? I've done worst.

I was talking to my computer expert (Martel) and I was discussing stuff with him. He was telling me how to replace my internal hard drive. I seriously need a new one because the current has only like 19 GB and I don't know what else to delete. So I'm going to buy this. It'll probably end up being 900 and something GB in actuality, but that's way more than this thing came with.

I played Medieval today. I have a few pictures to share with you guys.

Lady Horacia of Albibi

This is one of my Hero Sims. Her name is Horacia Alcheri. I based her on the wife of Stefan in some of the stories that take place before current time in the TMC verse.


This is Albibi. I named if after Horacia's homeland in the series.






For Hire

Horacia went out to pick wildflowers were she encountered a bandit. They dueled. She won that mofo. She did some often stuff like gather stone and went to the village where one of her people told her they were getting bullied, so she sent the woman to the stocks haha.

Then she returned home and macked on the lady merchant before talking to her advisers and things and sending out for hire.

I really like this game haha. I finished my first quest.

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Anna Everart (B) TS3 Version

This is how imagine Anna to look like. She has a thin face and she thinks her best feature are her eyes.

Henri du Bois (B) TS3 Version

I'm not completely happy with Henri though. He looks similar to this in my head, but at the point that he meets Anna he's more athletic and bulky. Oh and he doesn't have a piercing, I was just lazy and I didn't feel like removing that.

All I Want Is You

They are engaged in the game, but Henri has the Commitment Issues and the Irresistible trait, so yeah.

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Amelie du Bois (B) Marguerite du Bois (B)

Though Amelie and Marguerite were raised together, the two couldn't be more different. Amelie is fun lovely, bubbly and full of life and Marguerite is the shyer of the two. The two share their father's deep brown eyes, but Amelie takes highly after her mother, Queen Elisabeth.

Amelie is the blonde one, Marguerite is the brunette.

I decided to make Sim versions of some of my characters. I started downloading period clothes AFTER I had started the game and had decided to do this, so that is why they are in contemporary clothing. Marguerite is wearing something that I recolored as practice, but I can still spot some of the original color at the seams, so I'm going to practice some more.

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Another Family Member...

I played with the Pleasants today. They were the first household I ever played in TS2 and I guess you could say I have a soft spot for them, especially since I basically bought Sunlit Tides for Mary Sue and Daniel.

But anyway in this life, Mary Sue and Daniel have decided to expand their family since Lilith and Angela are growing older. Lilith thinks the baby is "fixer" baby to help her parents marriage. She totally does.

Lily Rose

Mary Sue also has a new pet. I filled a lot of her wants since she usually gets the short end of the stick in my games.

Nice Doggy

Angela brought home Dustin from school. Why do the pets look better for me in this game than in TS3? I think my setting or something much be low in that one because Neh'le looks fucking weird in actually gameplay.

Work Before Play

Lilith did her schoolwork while Daniel played and then she went off for a nap.

Everyday I'm Smustlin

But Dirk popped up, so I sent her down to greet him and they kissed like the goofy kids they are. Then they all started smustlin'

After that I quit the game to see if TS3 would run faster now that I have compressed some packages. It did, but I played a new world, so that had to load.

Monte Vista

Monte Vista is so fucking beautiful.

Kaehli Bianchi

And I made over Kaela Bianchi and got rid of those damn sunglasses she was wearing. WTF why EA?

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I have so much energy right now you guys! I want to do everything!

I was thinking to myself about a week ago that Mama Cradie is the only grandparent I have left and I'm not always exactly the best granddaughter to her. So I've decided to be a little sweeter. I'll still assert myself, but I won't do it so rudely I guess you say.

I played the "I'll Be Missing You Song" for her today since it's her day and I noticed that after it ended she was crying. I asked her why and she said because she was thinking of her parents and all that. But she thanked me for playing it, though I felt bad that it made her cry.

I talked to Martel last night. He's doing okay. I started to fall asleep a few times around 2 am while I was waiting for the Bleach chapter to drop and I think the music was making me relax, so I left it on and turned over and off to sleep I went.

I just read the Bleach chapter and the sentence after this continues spoilers. So Katagiri has been confirmed as a mixed blood. Hmmm. I knew she was probably a Quincy, most likely a lower class, so that's been confirmed. I'm really enjoying these chapters, so keep it coming Kubo.

Now I think I might try to write or maybe download some more sims stuff. My mind is telling me we should play TS2, so I downloading stuff for that haha. The mind works in mysterious ways.

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Close Call

I sent Deb to try the invent option and the shit caught on fire. It went out quick, but Ash was extinguishing her for at least an hour.

Not Again Who Ya Gonna Call

"You're lucky I was so close by, Deb!"

Deb Relaxes Close Encounters

Deb relaxed after a bath meanwhile an otherworldy visitor roamed the lot.

Deb Visits the Junkyard for the First Time Deb Meets Laurel Ursine

Deb went to the junkyard and it was a first for both of us. There's a supernatural hang out right close by and I so didn't know this. I might have one of them pay a visit.

But Deb met Laurel Ursine. Laurel has been quite busy it seems. Deb rolled a wish to be friends with her, so we'll work on that.

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I'm doing pretty good with the schedule. I played TS3 for about two hours today and I'm about to get ready to write. I just finished editing some pictures that I want to share with you guys.

You are in big trouble, little lady

Holly caught Deb playing a prank and scolded her. Sorry you couldn't get off from this one, Deb.

I see you!

Deb went to school alone because Ash was germy and I guess they didn't want him infecting the entire school. So he infected Hollis instead. Still isn't this a cute picture?


But Ash didn't escape Deb's trick.

Still in Love

And Holly and Aaron are still crazy about each other. But no babies for the moment. Holly's birthday is like tomorrow and then Deb and Ash's and maybe Briar.

Oh and I finished Loving Lady Marcia. Now I'm reading Scandalous Desires. I love me some Elizabeth Hoyt.

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Hey guys! Here's an update.

Sims: Holly has officially graduated with a perfect GPA! Fucking ace man! Though the game recognizes that she graduated and I sat there and watched her change into her robes, I don't see her degree in inventory. I'm kinda pissed because I wanted that extra motherfucking trait. But it's all good. Holly's at home, she adopted a kitten, and her "romantic interest" is coming over and then I'm going to shack them up and take a honeymoon. But I don't know if honeymoons exist in Sims 3, I'm mostly thinking about Sims 2. But Holly has a wish to go to Sim Shangla and I said why the fuck not? Also she's bought two lifetime reward and now she has like maybe 8,000 or so? Basically fuck yeah I'm having an awesome time.

I've gotten all the books I ordered. The first one came Wednesday. The next five came on Thursday. The door rang and my mom popped out of bed and was trying to figure out who was there. So of course my grandmother went the fuck out there and discovered that it was the UPS man. Me? I wasn't giving a fuck because I wasn't paying attention. But yeah I've got some books. I've got two on members of the Boleyn family, three on periods in English history, one on the Americans marrying English gentry, which I had already read, but I wanted a hard copy and the last one is on Margaret Sanger.

So um that's what's up with me at the moment. I didn't write anything today, but I need to post the fics I wrote for writerverse and I'm just now remembering that they were having a fucking bingo yesterday. Well fucking shit, I totally forgot. I think I have an absent minded trait haha.

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I watched this because I was bored waiting for the game to load, but he actually hits upon something that I've become increasingly aware of with the Sims franchise.

Back in 2007 maybe, a Sim credit card came out. I clearly remember that even then I was iffy with that.

With the current generation of the Sims, this feeling I'm having grows deeper.

Look we're in America and I know capitalism rules our land. But this whole thing is bothering me.

I don't mind paying for expansion packs, in my opinion they are worth it what with added gameplay and extras added throughout the game.

Sometimes I don't mind the stuff packs, I like stuff.

But there is something about the Sim 3 store that's rubbing me the wrong way even though I buy stuff from it.

Like stuff that could be in EPs or SPs are sold there. New world with the occasional returning Sims are there. Like Mary Sue and Daniel Pleasant come with Sunlit Tides. I really fucking like the Pleasants and I bought that world. I haven't played it yet, but besides some of the premium stuff, the Sims themselves are one of my motivating factors for buying a world.

And then there's the frequency that the EPs are coming out. There are going to be 3 EPs coming out this year at $40 new. I said I like EPs, but some of them could have easily been combined like Island Paradise and World Adventures could have easily been one EP as well as Late Night and Showtime. It's like they are splitting up the content and charging twice for it. Idk that just seems so fucking...low to me.

I don't know why I'm thinking so hard about this. Money makes the world turn doesn't it? We shall see how I deal with EA in the future.

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