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Latest blog post is up in which I talk about writing black heroines in historical romance.

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Maya Angelou on writing poems.

Like a pianist runs her fingers over the keys, I'll search my mind for what to say. Now, the poem may want you to write it. And then sometimes you see a situation and think, "I'd like to write about that." Those are two different ways of being approached by a poem, or approaching a poem. source

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So I've never been the biggest fan of the military. As a teenager I was against the war in Iraq, but I never really thought too much about the military. A guy I was crushing on was planning on going in and me being all Bella-like was prepared to be a military wife. So no at that point I didn't really have anything against going into the military.

But the events of the past few years plus my self learning into how black Americans are treated in this country have really made me gain more of an opinion on this topic. I was reading a post on FB about a black woman that supposedly committed suicide while enlisted. But it all the clues didn't add up. She may or may not have been murdered. But the military, the people she was basically giving her life for closed the case. They agreed with the coroner.

Now some you may know that my boyfriend has been planning to enlist in the National Guard. When he told me I was afraid. I didn't want him to go because I didn't want to lose him. At that point I wasn't necessarily thinking about the fact that he would be a black man in the military. But as I got home and processed it more I started to ruminate. You would have to be under the deepest rock in the sea to not notice at how many black people are being killed in America. It's not just black men though they are more visible. I don't understand why as a black person you would enlist in a army to defend a country that does not care about you. I just don't. I'm sure we as black people feel patriotic just like everyone else. But for me that does not extend to my life on the line for a country that would spit on my grave. Just no.

One of my LJ friends asked me to post the story I sent to my boyfriend. It's a very short story but it seems up what I wrote above in a fictional way.

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Write about 355 words starting today (October 17, 2014) to finish your goal of 70,000 words for Chloe's Book.

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Naming characters is one of my favorite things ever. Like ever.

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Hey guys I just posted a little short story on my writing blog. You can find it here.

Oh and a small poem (Like I write anything else): Here

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Shirley walked through the castle. She had always been fascinated with old English castles. It had started when she was a girl and her father gave her a book on them. Since then she’d long cherished a dream to come to England and tour them and now here she was.

“Oh look at him he’s wearing tights!”

She turned and saw two little boys kicking at a young man. Though the man winced he didn’t move.

“Where are their parents?” She muttered to herself.

“You look like a fairy!” One of them shouted.

She found herself walking towards them of her own accord. She reached forward and took them both by the ears.

“Ow hey!”

“It’s not nice to kick others,” she said to one.

“Get off me you old bag!”

She turned them loose. They grimaced at her but left anyway.

She turned to the man.

“Thank you,” he said softly.

She smiled. “You look like you needed some help.”

“Well they instructed me not to interact with the customers.”

She chuckled. “I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear that you obeyed their orders.”

He looked at quizzically.

“I’m joking ignore me. I have a weird sense of humor.”

He smiled hesitantly.

“So what can you tell me about this place Henry?”

His eyes lightened up. “You know who I am?”

“Why good King Hal of course.”

He laughed. “Finally someone gets it right. I’ve had people ask me if I’m Arthur.”

She rolled her eyes. “Plebeians.”

“Well,” he said. “St. James was finished in 1536. It turned out not to be so lucky for two of Henry’s children but it seemed to have worked out well for Elizabeth.”

She looked around at the red brick walls. The place was magnificent.

“It’s really gorgeous.”

“Would you like to look around?”

She smiled showing the dimples in her cheek. “If you’ll show me around Hal.”

He grinned. “Gladly.”

*The guy is named Mark but Shirley hasn't asked him his name yet and she's the narrator so...
**Takes place in the early 2000s
***Shirley is about fifty or so

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Ok on the Lord and the Duchess. I am eliminating chapters from the side characters and instead focusing on Elisabetta (the Duchess), Daniyel (the Lord), and Jean Michele (the Duke) as the main story is really about them and the rest of the stuff I had in my outline was subplot. That story can wait and right now it's all a mash and I'm like 15K and 50 pages in and she's just about to arrive to the fucking place. So basically I'm gonna start over.

Right now I'm shooting for the book to hit 70-80K maybe? I have to break down the wordcount into little goals or otherwise that number seems impossibly big to me. It's like how I read. If it's a big book break it down. 100 pgs one hr. 100 more the next. I find I work better that way.

I wrote a sestina but it makes no damn sense but I think the form is better this time around than the one I did on Matilide and Stefano. But it makes no sense so I will be working on it. I need to look through my past drafts for the month of December and then work on them. Ay!

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The video is weird but I really like the song. This band came up on my Sky Ferreria station on Spotify.

I finally have a plot for the Euphie story. At least more of a plot than I had before.

And a plot for the clock-punkish story starring Elizabeth Tudor.

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I was looking over publishers and what not (MOTIVATION AY!) and I found this article:

And like it decreased and there aren't that many books focusing on females and even less focusing on transgender and intersex and of course they didn't say anything about bisexuals and it's like...shit man!

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I started writing on the novella for the first time in a week. I had a scene to follow the first one of chapter seventeen but after I got half through it I couldn't decided what to write next and I'm stumped at the moment. The chapter focuses on Bernadette and her thoughts about her situation with Jean Michele. I've literally just stopped.

I practiced decimals and multiplication today. See I get how to multiply but I get tripped on multiplying two digits. Like I could remember some of it but I get confused easily with it.

The French is coming along. I'm practicing with memerise which is really helpful. It's interactive and it has a lot of repetition which helps me retain more information.

Yesterday night I started reading the introductory textbook on Sociology I bought. This one is much more informative than the Spark Notes 101 book and it has suggested reading and websites at the end of each chapter.

I'm still reading Still Brave. The article that I finished reading this afternoon talked about womanism and the differences between it and black feminism. I didn't realize how different yet alike they are. I mean I call myself a black feminist instead of a womanist but it's not because of the differences are what they stand for but how it sounds. I mean if I say I'm a feminist in normal everyday life someone is more likely to know what I mean (And get negative connotations I admit) than if I say I'm a womanist. It's just a lot attached to both identifiers and I need to look into them more.

I have been replaying Iggy's Change Your Life. And you know I was thinking after I made my attraction post that I should probably have added Iggy under the sexual category because I am highly sexually attracted to her. So that might be an addition.

Tomorrow is my birthday (The song 22 no longer applies :P). I haven't decided if I'm going to go out but my mom made dressing today and I was like whaaat? She was like I wanted you to have a good meal and hey I'm not complaining.

Until next time my dears or after 12 when I make my usual birthday post.

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Hey you guys.

I forgot to write about this a few days ago, but I subscribed to the online companion to the Writer's Market book. You know that thick ass book with a list of publishers? Yeah that one. I had an old one, but it wasn't divided into genres, but the online portion can be sorted like that. I've found a few prospective publishers and I'm saving them to my folder. Possibly an agent too if I can ever finish everything.

I was on the College Confidential website and I saw someone asking if SSI counted towards the EFC and it turns out that those benefits don't and both my mother and I receive disability, so what does this mean? Will it mean that on my app, I technically won't have any income? How is this going to work?

I started reading the Feminist Activism book haha. I like it so far. I can't just choose one book to read, I want to read them all!

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Do you guys remember that post where I asked about me writing non black people?

I can't remember how long ago that was, maybe last year. But since that time, I've become more aware of my race and African Americans accomplishments in various fields.

In the past few days I've been looking for black women writers, artists, and other stuff like that. I want to know more about black womanhood from various points of view. I want to know more about our history.

So I wanted to write about that. I'm saying I'm not going to write about various people but I want to focus on my people too.

And I've been thinking about volunteering. There's a Junior Women's League here in Shreveport that looks perfect for me but you have to be 24 to join...I turn 23 this year haha. But I'm going to keep it in mind.

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I know duotrope is probably the best bet but I don't get my check until a week from now, so I've been going for alternatives. These markets focus on short fiction as that's what I'm best at right now. So here are some links for you.

Poets and Writers Market for Literary Magazines

Everyday Fiction's List

Absolute Write's List

That's it for the moment, but I'm still looking.

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Hey you guys. I was just looking up sex workers in Medieval Europe (Related to my writing) and I came across this interesting article here.

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I wrote about this on my writing blog, but I was just looking at an article on racism on the wiki that really hits a nerve for me on this whole issue.

Okay so in fantasy vampire, fairies, elves and whatever else are called races.

Like I have problem with that. To me it seems to be othering races as 'not human' you know what I mean? I just don't like it, I find it distasteful. I don't know if any of this makes sense, but yeah I wanted to record my thoughts on that.

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Happy Snowflake Day

Oh my god you guys I love this game. They had Snowflake Day and Ash invited over family and friends and it was just so adorable. And I also discovered another perk from the Seasons pack. Everyone that works got a holiday bonus. I don't think it works like that for the skill based careers but yeah Deb got what the game said was an "average" bonus of about 2,000 but then she is in the Medical career, so yeah.

My game was messing up because I wasdumb enough to download something from the Exchange. So I ran a clean game in Moonlight Falls with the Swains and everything seemed to work correctly. Then I put in some CC and it ran fine. Lastly I added my mods and everything seemed to work fine, so I'm pretty sure it was from one the houses I downloaded that caused it, so yeah.

Other than Sims, I wrote around 600 words yesterday, though I only posted 250 of them. I'm just getting lazy about posting my stuff. I think I might have at least 30 pieces that need to be posted. Plus I need to add links to the indexes and finish posting my backlog of fics...oh my. Oh and speaking of original fiction Anna and Henri broke up in my game and now Anna has a baby by VJ Alvi...lmao!

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I'm a little miffed right now. Both at myself and greedy people in general. I should have looked over that contract first before I signed it. I mean that much money for interest does seem like a lot. The amount I got was slightly higher than before, but damn that interest...sigh.

But next month I'll be finished.

I've settled on this computer to replace my old desktop. It has way better specs to run Sims 3 and that's really important to me. I'm getting it refurbished though because I can't afford a completely new one on my income but Martel said refurbished is just as good and I checked and the seller is certified and their ratings are stellar.

I've been writing and what not. I need to finished posting my backlog of fics and post the ones languishing on my thumb drive.

Oh and the MyHeritage Family Tree Builder really hates illegitimate children it seems. I can't set the familial relationships between a mother and father that weren't married. Or I can but it gets reset with the spouse if the woman married someone other than her child's father. So yeah.

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Hello my very fair friends!

I have spent the past two days downloading and reinstalling all of my Sim games. It took awhile, but most of them have been installed as of 2: 42 am and now I reinstalling my store content. I haven't fired up the game yet and I'm still not sure how good the game will look with all the EPs installed, but I only heard Adrianne's fan fire up four times during the whole installing process, so I hope she can handle it.

And I've been writing. I think I've written about 4,000 words since Sunday. I really missed my characters. Now I need to post the ones I somehow haven't posted yet because I am lazy. And then I need to go and post each story to its journal. Which isn't so bad, but it's April and I have stories that were originally posted in early March. But at least I'm not writing at my usual pace or it'd be much longer.

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The computer is...still messed at the moment. Sill me had to go and unplug shit. Now though the cards are installed correctly, a cable isn't plugged in correctly. I got the disc after literally beating the hell out of the thing and out the drive, so yeah.

But the upside to all of this? I developed an idea for one of my worlds. It came about when I saw that the extra points at writerverse called for a crossover and it got me to thinking about it and so everything started developing. I haven't written the first full piece for it yet, but the crossover between the TRW world and the TWOTW verse.

Oh and my fucking hands still hurt. And at least I know how a computers works on the inside now XD

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