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It's probably time to retype this entry so here it goes. I've had this journal for six years. It was public for awhile until an unsavory friend started commenting. Since then it's been used mostly for venting, quizzes, and whatever crossed my mind. Now it's being used for all those things along with fannish things. I have a fanfiction archive ([ profile] yellow_violets) that's being updated to include the fics I've written, but if you want to stay current, come here first. Sometimes I have discussions. For the most part, they've been flocked, but I'd be interesting and hearing other people's opinions. The basic stuff about me. My name is Destiny, I'm 21 years old, I'm black or African American if you prefer. I'm pretty peppy by nature, which is strange as I used to mumble about people who were peppy in the morning. I currently live at home. Working my way into going back to school. Oh by the way I love to learn, but I have a love/hate relationship with formal education. Younger sister. Aunt to many. I love books and music. I'm also fond of buying electronics.
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