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I learned a lot from staying in Brentwood.

I remember during one of my stays there we were doing a writing assignment and we were using books. After we were finished we all rushed to put them up. I recall saying something about not liking to wait and one of the nurses bluntly said "Learn patience."

At the time I was like "Did you have to be so rude?" but I realize that she was right. I might not have liked her tone but she was right. Since then I've learned to be more patient. I used to get frustrated easily and just stop things but I've come a long since then. I still get frustrated no doubt but I'm trying to learn to take things slow because like that saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day."

My antivirus caught something on my laptop and it's been scanning through my files for the past two hours to make sure everything's gone. So I've been reading the John Hopkins guide to Literary Theory and Criticism.

I found a new language site today thanks to the members on Lipstick Alley. It's all Memerise and lol I didn't realize how clear that name was until I said it aloud to Martel and then something clicked and my head and I laughed haha.

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I'm a little miffed right now. Both at myself and greedy people in general. I should have looked over that contract first before I signed it. I mean that much money for interest does seem like a lot. The amount I got was slightly higher than before, but damn that interest...sigh.

But next month I'll be finished.

I've settled on this computer to replace my old desktop. It has way better specs to run Sims 3 and that's really important to me. I'm getting it refurbished though because I can't afford a completely new one on my income but Martel said refurbished is just as good and I checked and the seller is certified and their ratings are stellar.

I've been writing and what not. I need to finished posting my backlog of fics and post the ones languishing on my thumb drive.

Oh and the MyHeritage Family Tree Builder really hates illegitimate children it seems. I can't set the familial relationships between a mother and father that weren't married. Or I can but it gets reset with the spouse if the woman married someone other than her child's father. So yeah.

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The computer is...still messed at the moment. Sill me had to go and unplug shit. Now though the cards are installed correctly, a cable isn't plugged in correctly. I got the disc after literally beating the hell out of the thing and out the drive, so yeah.

But the upside to all of this? I developed an idea for one of my worlds. It came about when I saw that the extra points at writerverse called for a crossover and it got me to thinking about it and so everything started developing. I haven't written the first full piece for it yet, but the crossover between the TRW world and the TWOTW verse.

Oh and my fucking hands still hurt. And at least I know how a computers works on the inside now XD

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Here are the latest updates in the life of a neurotic young adult.

So I left the computer alone and stayed on my laptop. Though I couldn't get comfortable in bed with it, so I went to the dining room and stayed in there just typing and other stuff. At 4, Martel finally came online.

So of course I immediately message him and whine about my cut fingers and then big bad mean PC haha. So he sent me a video showing me what needed to be done and so I went back to my room and about twenty minutes later they were firmly in and the computer had stopped beeping.

But though I remembered to unplug everything before I took apart the computer, I did not however remember to eject the disc I had in the drive. Why? Because I didn't think it mattered. So I through the day I've been trying to get the fucking thing open but I keep pulling up straws, so I need Martel to show me again so it seems.

But I'm happy because I got to see CJ. He was over Martel's house this morning. Idk why, but he hasn't changed thank god!

I've had my hair washed and I feel so much better!

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Ugh you guys.

I got the RAM today around 5 pm. It is now five hours later and though I installed them, my computer keeps beeping in a loop which I googled and it means they aren't installed correctly. -_- Shit I know I need to be patient, so I'm going to go to bed tonight and try to work on it tomorrow, though I want to talk to Martel about it, so I might stay up a bit.

The CC I made looks alright in game, though I think the stencil looks a bit blurry on the shirt and I somehow forgot to enable the options for CASt in the game, so yeah, but I succeeded at making a stencil, so yay!

I also made a pattern and it came out perfectly. It's in my Self Sim's house in a world I opened to test it.

So that's all that happened today. Till tomorrow!

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