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Sorry it's blurry I took it on the webcam. I bought some hair accessories today and let me tell you those mofos are expensive. That flower alone cost $4! Everyday low prices huh?

Anyway I've ordered all of my books and some have shipped already. I only bought two ebooks. One is a grammar book and the other is a sociology anthology. I bought some music as well.

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Hi guys! I'm back from shopping. I got a few things. I bought a lipstick. It's more orange than reddish orange. I tried it on when I got home. I like how it looks. I thought it'd look brighter haha.

The security guard at the Walmart has a crush on my mom. He said "She's gorgeous!" Lmao my mom has always had men falling over her. She's about to be sixty and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

I ordered some of the books for the online courses I'm taking. I have about three more. I could get the ebooks free, but I wanted to have hard copies.

I bought some music too and I renewed my Netflix account.

When my mom asked the pharmacy about my birth control they said I didn't have any refills. I was like huh? So we got home and my mom found the prescriptions with the refills on it XD I'm going to pick them up on the 3rd.

So that's how today has went so far. We're eating chicken for dinner. I might play TS3 today as well since I was itching to this morning haha.

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Hello guys!

My mom went out and got my prescriptions today. I count myself lucky that I hesitated to spend a bigger portion of my check because the medicine came up to $22. Usually my meds are $6 tops.

I took the iron and vitamin C tablet when she got home. I immediately felt myself pep up as I had been yawning since I had woken when I heard her come in the door.

Right now I'm looking through the different modding tutorials for Sims 3. Modding for TS3 makes a lot more sense to me than it did in TS2. I'm still working on different CC, but I like to try anything once haha. I still need to finish making a mesh. I messed up on TS2 dress I was doing last week or so. I only seem to get motivated to do meshing during the night when my mind might not be as sharp.

So that is what's happening atm. My mom also bought me some sorely needing nightgowns. It's weird I'm remembering my ex boyfriend's scent. I used to love to snuggle up to his chest and just sniff him haha. It was soothing.

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Day 27

Feb. 9th, 2013 01:41 am
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Day 27: Do appear­ances play a big role in your sto­ries? How you go about design­ing your char­ac­ters.

Hmmm I would say they play a role given the society that the characters are living, but ultimately they don't play an ultra big role. It's more of a background thing. How do I design my characters? Besides the daughters of a certain lines, most everyone else's appearances are chosen randomly or according to the picture I have in my head.

I walked down to the dollar store today. I told my mom I wanted to get some stuff besides the gift card I ultimately bought, but I was in such a hurry to get the card that I didn't even think to get my iron tablet :(

But this morning I told my mom I needed to eat more meat and I requested chicken, so I had that for dinner tonight, so it wasn't too bad.

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So today was a busy day. We went out and picked up some things for the house. I put a lot of money on my card.

Now for the past day I'd say, I've been looking at pretty Sim pictures on Tumblr and looking at the Wiki and all that. Well I was in the computer game section, which btw is woefully understocked and saw some Sim games. Now Sim games aren't the most expensive games ever, but I decided that I wanted Supernatural so I can have a pretty fairy or something. Fuck that game cost $40 fucking dollars, which is to be expected as it came out not too long ago. But damn.

I also picked up those 4 movies in one deals. I got a classic romantic comedy one, another one with movies set in the Prohibition Era. And I bought the third season of Heroes, thinking it was the first one. But it was $10, so yeah. I also bought the first season of the Clone Wars since it was cheaper than it had been when I'd seen it in there before, but about $4 more than Amazon.

I bought a lot of books today. Most of them are ebooks, but I got a number of books for research and what not. Plus I got a SW comic.

I haven't written anything today. I'm about to go enter in what I ate so I can see how many calories I have left, but I'm pretty sure I don't have any because I can of over did it today, so there's that.

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