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Please share this! Thank you!

In June I began working for a major cable TV provider. This was a job paying $11.50 an hour, giving full benefits, full coverage life insurance, and retirement plans. Not to mention commission and bonus opportunities. All ducks were lined up perfectly… until they were not.

To make this short, I was recently forced to quit my job due to my anxiety disorder. Because of my condition, I could not handle the job and respectfully resigned before the problem became more severe.

I am now unemployed and not sure if or when I’ll be able to hold down another job. I’m now in need of a way to bring in income. I’ve applied for Disability (SSI), but this could take up to 6 months. I need to bring in between $300-500 a month to be able to pay my bills, save up for a car, essentials for my cat, emergencies, and fun money.

First, I am open and needing suggestions about work from home jobs. Any and all ideas welcomed except for surveys! I’ve been there and done that.

I also have a modest Etsy shop set up and have a few things listed for sale on eBay.

Second, I’m willing to offer the following services in exchange for a monetary donation of the client's choosing:

- I’m willing and able to proof book reports, essays, reports, biographies (auto and narrative), resumes, fiction works (fanfic as well), and letters/emails. I ask that all requests do not exceed 10 pages, thank you.

Credentials: I was in CP/AP english during high school, graduated on the honor roll, and have 2.5 years of college under my belt. I’ve also been writing fanfiction for 9 years.

Text/quotes icon packs- Am willing to make packs of 5-20 100x100 icons with any texts/quotes of your choosing. A background and text color pallet can be pre-selected by client at time of order.

Credentials: Some of my own text/quote icons (different color combos and monitors will make the quality differ)

Donation will be due at the time of delivery, or I will withhold the finished product. There is no set amount and the client can give as much or little as they wish.

If interested in helping me out, please comment here or send a PM. If you aren’t interested in my offerings, please do me a favor and share this. Thank you.
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Please, please, please signal boost, even if you cannot donate.

As most of you know, I am on various types of medication. This is not a problem, as I have insurance that covers my meds and lets me get them for relatively inexpensive prices.

What my insurance no longer covers is my psychiatrist.

I ran out of medication on Thursday and I am starting to hit that state of 'My brain is screwed up and I am going through withdrawal'.

I'm...not really doing that well off of them. I'm trying to stay sane and safe but it's rather hard at the moment.

I can schedule an appointment next Friday and have money, both my mother and I will have been paid b then, so we will have the money to do it, but I'm not sure i can deal with being off my meds or that long.

So, I was hoping anyone who would be willing to, could donate.

I can do a number of things which I will list below, and while I won't put a price tag on anything, I will ask that you donate something if you want me to do things.

Normally, in a regular crowdfunding situation, I would structure things differently but I really need the money to get to see my doctor at this point and I'm out of ideas for anything else to do.

So, what I am willing to do:
Tarot readings
Content editing
Audio recordings
Gathering links/researching

If you see anything you are interested in, please poke me in the comments or at

Any donations can be made to and if you could, in the comments, tell me what you would like done.

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